A trending topic of 2016 that’s rolling into 2017 is modular construction. Tocci has built several modular residential developments, including Park87 and Chelsea Place. This year, Tocci will begin construction on 32 Cambridge Street in Boston, MA. The newly constructed portion of the project will consist of 125 modular units. It will take assembling 128 modular boxes together to create these units. Across the U.S. cities like NYC are seeing a…

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In late summer of 2016, Tocci completed the third of four phases of a renovation project for a local academic small animal veterinary hospital.

Phase 1: construction of office and clinical swing spaces.
Phase 2: emergency and critical care unit was expanded and renewed to facilitate the increased demand for emergency services.
Phase 3: addition to the hospital was completed along with several new exam rooms. The lobby addition contains much of the…

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On Tuesday night, 15 members of the Tocci crew went to North Andover to make pasta. And to drink wine. We gathered around a long counter and listened to our host give instruction on everything from making pasta dough, to the correct way to cut an onion, to the secret of Thyme management. Secret: you roll up thyme and sage in basil, like a cigar, and you can chop it up from there. We made…

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The Power of 1%

I have always been curious how people value the worth of one percent. Some are quick to say that one percent is insignificant.

A recent Sprint TV commercial utilizes 1% as the defining difference in comparing their shortcoming to Verizon’s entire coverage of mainland USA. Sprint’s angle: 1% reliability differential is miniscule. It should be overlooked when picking a phone provider.

My question becomes: How do we quantify this 1%?

Hypothetically, if every smartphone user…

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We’re hitting rewind and taking a look back at our best blogs of 2016. We’ve pulled the 10 most popular blogs written by Tocci employees. Check them out to preview the kind of awesome content we’ll be posting in 2017! Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

01 – 8 Amenities You Can Live Without

02 – Tocci Co-op Helps Team Win Student Competition

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