As a company and individuals, we annually donate our time, funds, and other resources to charities international and local. Tocci offers employees specific opportunities to give back through Service Grants, which match donations to a cause of choice, and Volunteer Days, which give time off for a day of service. Tocci projects often include a component of service for the communities we build in.

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Tocci Service Grant Awarded to Moises Berrun

Moises Berrun, a Virtual Design and Construction Modeler, has received a matching grant from Tocci. On Sunday March18th he and his Yale Alumni team... Read More [+]

Helping to Fuel Reconstruction in the Bahamas

Usually the Bahamas brings to mind sunshine, beaches, and palm trees—but unless you happen to be a tourist, there isn’t so much easy living... Read More [+]

Habitat for Humanity Recap

You’ll remember from an earlier post, our very own Johan MacKenzie recently completed a Habitat Global Village trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Yesterday,... Read More [+]

Help Tocci Help Habitat for Humanity

Tocci will be here lending a hand and we’d love to see you here as well! Habitat Boston needs over 100 volunteers for a... Read More [+]

Heading out of town this weekend?

Well yes.  Johan MacKenzie, Tocci’s comptroller, heads out Sunday evening for her Habitat Global Village trip to Cape Town, South Africa.  This trip is... Read More [+]

Any Soldier: A Tocci Building Companies Service Project

There’s a lot of talk in Washington, DC about pulling out of Afghanistan, but right now the US has thousands of “boots on the... Read More [+]

Tell Us About Your Project

Tell Us About Your Project