Lead to Win: Podcast #111: How to Balance Remote Work + Family Life

Podcast #111:How to Balance Remote Work + Family Life

From Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt + Megan Hyatt Miller

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I thought I was busy before all of this COVID-19 stuff – dropping off/picking up kids, packing lunches, doing homework, etc. – but working remotely with our whole family stuck in the house has been my biggest challenge yet. This podcast gives us five major tips when it comes to balancing remote work and family life – I’ve also shared how our family has been trying to balance this new work/life situation…

01 Communicate + Cooperate

  • This has been key for my husband and I – we make sure to talk the night before each day and ask each other things like “At what times tomorrow do you need complete silence and focus? For what duration?”
  • 02 Structure the day for yourself and the kids

  • We have a daily schedule prepared for the kids with designated times for academics, exercise, creative play, rest, etc. – our kids like knowing what’s next in the lineup
  • Homeschooling is tough! Preparing some type of lesson plan the night before has made it easier on me when the time comes for academics
  • Find your quiet space to work

  • We’ve set up a desk in our bedroom and lock the door when it’s our turn to work. And a good pair of headphones works great for blocking out the kids screaming :)
  • Step away from work at end of day

  • Every day at 5:00, no matter who is doing what, we all gather for dinner and sit at the table together
  • Give yourself and your family some grace

  • It’s so important to remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can. Be kind to yourself!
  • We played with chalk the other day and I wrote this message on our fence for people walking by – but it’s also something that speaks to me when I see it looking outside from my desk
  • Be Kind

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