VDC Process Improvement

The Virtual Design + Construction Department, known to most as the efficient and technology-savvy group of the company, is always looking critically at ourselves to better optimize and expand our workflows internally. We do this because we know that there is always room for improvement.

As a part of our department goal this year, we meet for one hour on a bi-weekly basis to evaluate one of our processes. The topics range from MEP coordination, constructibility review and documentation, Revit standards, approach to wood construction, etc. We dive into every corner imaginable of VDC to develop best practices and standards. The outcome results in a catalog of workflow charts, checklists, and informative guides that the VDC department can reference moving forward to standardize our process efficiently.

With an hour’s time, the VDC group maps the current workflow, and opens the discussion up to explore areas of improvement. A visual display of the process allows us to find areas with constraints that are in VDC’s control, and ultimately these constraints get added to our growing list. We discuss our experiences, new ideas, and we find ourselves constantly challenging ourselves.

The past few meetings revolved around laser scanning due to the number of scan projects the VDC group has in queue. One of the meetings was on best practices of transferring and processing scans, and we were able to identify the basic first steps to any laser scanning project after capturing a space. The image below displays our internal processing of transferring scans to our local drive. After our meetings, someone in the department is assigned to develop the document based on the processed discussed.

The VDC group’s catalog of knowledge is rapidly growing and we are excited to expand our ideas.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 3.30.05 PM

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