The Third Dimension

The bathroom and kitchen are the top two most frequently remodeled areas of the home (and dare I say, most expensive areas). I’ll admit, a well-equipped kitchen with plenty of counter space never hurt anyone. My wife and I used to like cooking together, but with our last few homes, we haven’t had a kitchen that was rated for two person occupancy. Now I just get to clean up and wash dishes post-eating. With so many bathroom and kitchen remodels happening, the design industry has to keep reinventing faucets, flooring, cabinets, etc. One really neat trend that I have noticed has been in tiling. But this ain’t your average tile, this stuff is saweeeeeet.


This stuff is three-dimensional; it has visible, interesting texture to it. I’ve seen this tile applied to flooring, kitchen backsplashes, pony walls, and accent walls. It really has taken tile from a flooring material to an art and accent feature. Whether you are into geometric patterns or whispy flourishes, you will find something you like. The possibilities are truly endless and their usage really adds some style to the space.

The materials also are changing quite a bit. Depending on the usage of the tile you can choose from concrete, wood, ceramic, glass, plaster or plastic. Similar to tile, you can buy in small pieces, large pieces, or groups of pieces (tile, panel, blocks respectively). Each has it’s own reflective, durability, longevity, and aesthetic properties to consider. I haven’t done any remodeling on my own home yet, but when I do, I will definitely be considering some of these unique materials.


*although we aren’t endorsing any of these companies, here are some of the innovators of this product.

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