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The 2015 annual logo design report is in and we are going to explore it! Because there are so many more trends than 2014, I will only describe a few here. For the full list and a write about them, visit the 2015 LogoLounge Trend Report. Thank you to Bill Gardner for providing this great annual report for us to dissect!

01 Dot Tip

Reminiscent of ‘connect-the-dots’, mazes, and circuit boards. It would be an interesting experiment to connect the dots differently through the various uses of the logo. Don’t steal that idea, it’s mine (wink wink). I forsee this being a quick death design trend. As good design practice, I like to make sure that my logos are able to be scaled at very small sizes and still be readable. Many of these marks at a half inch might get lost…which is not good.

02 Contours

The oh so hated gradients reinterprated in a way that doesn’t make people cringe. I like the sense of depth logos of this trend can produce.

03 Concentrak

I would be lying if these marks didn’t remind me of the old Windows screensaver. Can I get a what what!? I can also see the nod to the early 90s trend of the same method (different name surely). I can appreciate the mathematical element and uniformity, but the halo of 90s glory can’t be missed.

04 Sparkle

Having designed with sparkles, I remember distinctly disliking my experiences. The shape is just atrocious in a complex and important compilation like a logo. Personal biases aside, I think the connotations or associated ideas behind a sparkle (star) are too hard to diverge from or reinterprate. There will also be uses for logos containing sparkles, but they might be few and far between.

05 Pick-Up Sticks

Pick-Up Sticks
My left brain is fighting my right brain on this one. I am simplistic in nature, loving uniformity and symmetry (whether felt or actual). This trend is truly captivating to me, however. The marks almost feel incomplete – makes you want to finish putting the sticks together. I like that they feel somewhat unsettled, it creates interest.

06 Coloring

This is hard for me to write about because it involves…well…color. A design should be able to stand along without the use of color, be unreliant on those pigments for proof of concept. Color, if you will, is the cherry on top. That being said, I absolutely love color and appropriate uses of it.

07 Circle Break

Circle Break
Circle Breaks can describe a lot without actually having that much to show. The amount of segments shown, their size compared to one another, shade or hue, all could describe something different and you are just looking at a circle. They could describe progress, small bits adding up to a larger whole, it could signify time, distance, diversity, unity, I could go on. Potential hidden messages similar to the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo. Check it out here. Can you see it?

08-15 Visit LogoLounge for the rest of the list!

*Photos are from LogoLounge but all rights reserved to the individual artists/owners of the logos contained within the images.

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