Space Invaders

In September, I wrote about how some artists are using nature to build structures that resemble houses, cathedrals, and other modern day buildings. Some were planned from the seed thru to the fruition of the foliage, others were created using existing natural elements and ‘forming’ them into the desired structure. That post revolved around us transforming nature into our built world. This post revolves around us including nature into our existing built environment.

There has been a recent trend in the fine art realm of including organic, natural elements into our city spaces; sculptures are becoming literal space invaders. In and out of buildings and through rooms, man-made creations turn back into their original forms. This is the work of Henrique Oliveira, a Brazilian sculptor who works with armatures and wood to create structures that make one question their current reality. His work has been getting a lot of publicity and social media mentions in the past few months, especially in non-Brazilian communities.


As you can see in the photos, his work incorporates surreal, organic shapes into our otherwise normal, geometric spaces. In contrast to the blog post in talking about making nature more like our built world, Henrique tries to get these organic shapes and structures back into our ‘geometric boxes’. For me, it’s beautiful to see things in a new light. In one installation, wooden posts and beams no longer serve as support elements but turn back into the trees they were cut from. In another piece, a seemingly mundane dresser bulges as a wooden blob oozes out of it.

Beams to Branches - 2

Is this art to you? What do you think Henrique is trying to say with these sculptures? Comment below or tweet at us here.


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