Happy Holidays from Tocci Building Companies

This holiday season we turned to Raphael Guastavino, a 19th century ceramicist and innovator, for a reminder that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

‘Cohesive Construction’ (his term and technique) was a metaphor for the future industry, he wrote—where individuals would bond to form powerful, multifaceted teams of similar strength and beauty.

In a nod to ‘Cohesive Construction’, Tocci team members used one building block of our process, the Post-It® Note, to create a mural in his likeness. A video of our process can be found below. The mural will be on display in the Guastavino gallery in Tocci’s lobby.

Over this past year we’ve been blessed to join with industry partners and sustain Guastavino’s legacy of collaboration on dozens of exciting projects and initiatives. We look forward to continued partnership with you in 2014.

Happy Holidays,

Tocci Building Companies

Tocci’s Headquarters is Guastavino’s former factory and showroom. His patented process involved adhering separate tiles into glorious vaults and arches of unusual strength and beauty—in over a thousand buildings.

To learn more about Guastavino’s projects and his legacy, go here or
email our resident expert, Amy Thompson-West.


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