Team Strategies for Prefabrication

A key principle of lean implementation is to put people first. That wasn’t lost at the recent BIMForum conference on prefabrication and modularization; each presentation included team strategies to enable prefab efforts.

  • Victor Sanvido, a Senior VP at Southland Industries, advised teams to, “make the project more important than the company.” This is similar to Tocci’s “We all work for the project” mantra – when teams work with overall project goals in mind, each firm benefits further.
  • DPR Construction created a leadership of team of prefabrication yeaysayers to champion prefabrication. The yeaysayers initially held prefabrication charrettes to identify opportunities and then followed up with weekly meetings to maintain progress.
  • In order to get field input into the system design, many trade contractors and self-performing contractors use trade foreman as detailers.
  • The need for a warehouse manager has emerged. Similar to a site superintendent, someone needs to optimize the prefabrication process in the factory.

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